Incredible footage shows contraband being delivered to prison by drone

Over 1,000 weapons found in the last six months of 2015

  • 2,000 items smuggled into prisons in England and Wales during 2015.
  • Over 1,000 weapons found in the last six months of the same year.

The number of items smuggled, including drugs and mobile phones, into prisons in England and Wales rose to over 2,000 in 2015, with 730 knives found in just the last six months of the same year.

Shocking new footage released by Noel Titheradge shows the lengths smugglers are going to, with drones becoming a standard method of delivery. A black bag can clearly be seen floating through the air and into a prisoner’s cell window, where an inmate is coaxing the package in with a stick.

The BBC made several F.O.I. (Freedom Of Information) requests in order to ascertain the volume of items smuggled during 2015. The corporation found the number of items had nearly tripled when compared to 2013, with over 2,000 items and 797 items counted, respectively.

John Attard of the Prison Governors’ Association said the video is “not a fluke,” going on to explain how inmates “know the best parts of a wall to throw things over.”

“There are all sorts of methods to get things over a prison wall. We’ve had people putting drugs in dead birds and sending them over with tennis racquets.

“We’re talking about thousands of pounds worth of contraband but the criminals that are throwing them over are prepared to lose [part of] that to get some through.”

Whilst HM Prison Pentonville in London recorded only 15 incidents of contraband being thrown over walls, an anonymous resident insists the staff has “missed off a zero.”

“In the last year alone, I’ve seen it a good couple of dozen times myself. It tallies with the attitude of the prison. They will not hear reports of this going on. They don’t want to know.”

He described how items were attached to lines, thrown over walls, and then pulled through holes in the netting by the inmates. One prisoner even claimed this method to be the most popular.

“It starts off on a Friday, and can happen all weekend. Around two o’clock in the morning is a favourite time. The prisoners will burn holes [in the perimeter netting] to fish out items that have been thrown in.”

The Ministry of Justice said it had recently added legislation to make smuggling items into prison illegal, investing an additional £1.3bn into prison estate, rehabilitation, tackling bullying, and drug use.

“Those caught trying to throw packages over prison walls can now face up to two years in jail.”

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