Mother guilty of sexual contact with 15-year-old boy, gets suspended sentence

Mother-of-one Georgina Hill of Aston Magna, Gloucestershire, pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child but was spared prison time after her victim pleaded clemency.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claims he was “perfectly willing” to have sexual intercourse with Ms. Hill between 1 and the 20 September 2015. His grandmother reported the abuse to the police after looking at the boy’s Facebook account and reading messages, after which she realised they had engaged in sexual intercourse, said Crown Prosecutor Christopher Smythe.

Hill appeared in front of Judge Michael Cullum where she pleaded guilty to having sexual activity with a child and received an eight month prison sentence, suspended for one year, and has been placed on the sex offender’s register for seven years. In addition, she has been banned from working with children, ordered to undergo three weeks of rehabilitation, and been issued with a restraining order, banning Ms. Hill from contact with the boy for five years.

Georgina Hill
Georgina Hill

“She knew he was only 15 at the time because she asked him on Facebook when he would turn sixteen.

“The offence came to light on 16 December last year when his grandmother contacted the police […] despite telling him not to go and see Ms. Hill, he persisted and she felt she had no alternative but to intervene to protect him.

“The defendant had become friends with the boy soon after she moved into her current home with her partner and her one year old daughter. The boy began visiting her home and smoking cigarettes with her […] [where] they then became Facebook friends and started exchanging messages and flirting. They were discussing having a relationship.

“On Sunday 13 September, he went round to her house in the morning. They had sexual intercourse in bed. He says he had wanted to have sex with her and it only happened that once.

“It was because they continued to have contact, however, that the grandmother felt it was necessary to call the police,” Mr. Smythe told the court.

Passing sentence, Judge Cullum told Ms. Hill: “This was an action which you knew was wrong. You knew it was wrong before you did it and that is clear from the Facebook messages. You developed a brief relationship with that child – and child he was – no doubt persuading yourself that he was interested in you and that the harm was not significant.

“The reason that Parliament has drawn a line at sixteen is because under that age it is deemed that children are at risk and need protection – sometimes from themselves.”

This comes a year after footballer Adam Johnson communicated with a 15-year-old girl through Facebook, afterwards meeting her to sign t-shirts. He proceeded to kiss the girl and was arrested on the 2 March 2015 by Durham Police on suspicion of having sexual activity with a child. On 23 April he was charged with three offences of sexual activity with a child and sentenced to six years in prison by Judge Jonathan Rose and ordered to pay £50,000 of the prosecution’s legal costs.

Both cases are similar, but it appears women do not receive the same sentences for sexual contact with a child*.

*This view is the author's and does not represent the views of The Grayson Post.

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