YouTube pranksters jailed for fake London gallery robbery

  • Trollstation pranksters ran through London’s galleries with tights over heads.
  • Occurred one week after Tunisian beach terror attack by IS.
  • Men jailed for a combined total of 72 weeks.

A collective of idiots YouTube pranksters known as Trollstation has been jailed for a ‘prank’ which involved running into well known galleries in London with tights on their heads – causing the public to flee in terror.

The incident occurred on the 5 July last year, just one week after the Tunisian terror attacks were carried out by IS where 38 people died, including 30 Britons.

The men ran through both the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Modern with tights on their heads and pretending to steal priceless artwork. Visitors fled the buildings and one woman passed out.

During sentencing, magistrates warned that such a “warped” stunt has the potential to cause fatalities caused by mass panic. Daniel Jarvis, 27,  Endrit Ferizolli, 20, Ebenezer Menzah, 29, and Helder Gomes, 23, were jailed for a total of 72 weeks after pleading guilty to two counts of using threatening behaviour resulting in causing fear of unlawful violence.

During the ‘prank’, one man carried a speak and played a siren, three further men ran through the galleries with fake paintings, and another man filmed the entire event.

© Joe Newman
© Joe Newman

Prosecutor Katie Weiss told the City of London Magistrates’ Court “There was panic in the gallery and a stampede of people leaving the gallery,” referring to the first incident.

“One of the complainants was so stunned by what happened, she was absolutely terrified.”

Passing sentence, District Judge Mike Snow said the group “believes it is amusing to film acts impacting on members of the public and then upload those images to the internet.

“As you know, Sunday is a busy day for art galleries, with many tourists and families. I was told that the defendants believed what they were doing was funny. Their sense of humour is warped.

“The offences took place in art galleries where vulnerable persons are likely to be present. There was a high level of planning. It was a group action.

“And it was an action which involved the public humiliation of the victims of the behaviour, by recording their terrified reactions to upload on to the internet.”

Jarvis was given 20 weeks, Menzah 18 weeks, and Gomes also 18 weeks. Ferizolli was given 16 weeks in a young offenders’ institution and Van Le, who filmed the incident, was jailed in March this year for nine months for a bomb hoax.

Grayson Comment: How long before someone dies as a result of these “pranks”?

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