Hero Teen Performs Heimlich Manoeuvre On Friend At School

Ian Brown was eating lunch with friends on Wednesday at the Central High School cafeteria in La Crosse, Wisconsin, U.S., when his friend, Will Olson, suddenly started choking and signalling distress.

Watch the video below

At first Olson’s friends thought he was joking, but Brown noticed the Olson’s noticed a change of colour in the victim’s neck and face and realised something needed to be done. He performed the Heimlich manoeuvre “three or four times” and was able to successfully dislodge the item of food from the victim’s throat.

Credit: GMA

Olson was then taken to see Kim Mahlum, the school’s nurse, to check the airway and make sure it was clear.

Brown claimed he learnt the manoeuvre during a police training programme, and this police confirmed this; “Brown learned the Heimlich manoeuvre as part of his first aid training as a Police Explorer with the City of La Crosse Police Department,” the official Facebook page of the police department stated.

Credit: School District of La Crosse

The La Crosse Police Department’s website states that the programme “offers young adults a personal awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experiences, competition, and other activities.  Additionally, the program promotes personal growth through character development, respect for the rule of law, physical fitness, good citizenship, and patriotism.”

Law Enforcement Exploring provides classroom training in diverse topics such as first aid, community policing, investigations, conducting a traffic stop, and much more.

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