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US College student proves sobriety by JUGGLING for police

Blayk Puckett, a college student from the University of Central Arkansas, was returning to his home after an evening of studying at the library late last Friday night. Shortly after departing, he was pulled over by police for a routine traffic stop.

Watch the video below

“As soon as I got to the stoplight and had to brake, I knew I was going to get pulled over,” said Puckett.

Police assumed he had been drinking because he was travelling at a low speed, but in reality one of his brake lights needed replacing. “I had a brake light out and so I’m driving very carefully, trying to be as careful as I can not to do anything wrong because I knew my brake light was out.”

Credit: Blayk Puckett

“A lot of times, especially around a college campus, the later in the night it gets, the slower they go, and especially if they almost hit a curb once, it’s a typical indication they might be impaired,” said Police Sergeant Keith McKay.

Puckett offered to juggle for the officer, admitting that “this is going to sound weird.” McKay accept his offer.

“I knew I could prove I hadn’t been drinking… it’s just more fun when you can juggle and have more fun with the officers than a standard traffic stop that’s boring and scary,” Puckett told FOX32.

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