Adorable premature baby hippo learns how to use a ramp to get into a pool

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has released a video of a premature baby hippopotamus learning how to use a ramp to get into a swimming pool.

Watch the video below

It was decided that a ramp was required after Fiona’s (the hippo) weight reached 73 lbs (33 kg),  meaning her care staff could no longer lift her in and out of facility’s pool so a custom-built ramp was commissioned.

Credit: The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

When Fiona first saw the ramp she was hesitant and looked to her carers for support. The staff gave some encouragement (and a little coaxing) in order to get her to step onto the ramp, and it worked. And after a few days she started to go up and down the ramp with only minor assistance.

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

After a further two days of constant training and exposure to the ramp, the baby hippo is now happy to use it without any assistance. The pool is mainly used for playing and sleeping and Fiona lets her care staff know when she’s ready to get out.

The zoo staff claim Fiona loves using the pool and that a ramp was the only option for continued use.

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