30 Fascinating Colourised World War I Photos

Rare photos of mostly French and Colonial soldiers during WWI

#1. 370mm Howitzer

Another 370mm railway gun near Region Oise. Taken 5 September 1917.

#2. Hirtzbach Frontline

French soldiers in a trench on the frontline in Hirtzbach on 16 June 1917.

#3. Messines Mine Crater

Surviving soldiers standing above a crater created by mines placed by British forces underneath German positions. The deepest point of the crater was 45 metres and over 10,000 men lost their lives in the blast. Taken near Messines in West Flanders on 7 June 1917.

#4. French Doctors and Nurses in North France

French doctors and nurses in front of Saint-Paul Hospital, Soissons, Aisne, Northern France.

#5. French Solider eating lunch in Reims

French soldier eating lunch in Reims, in North-Eastern France. Taken 1 April 1917.

#6. Eglingen Trenches

Solider placed at a lookout in Eglingen trenches. Taken 26 June 1917

#7. Washing Clothes

French soldiers washing their clothing whist guarding communications equipment.

#8. Algerian Colonial Guard

Algerian (colonial) guard. Taken Aisne, France in 1917.

#9. Residents preparing for evacuation

Horse and carriage carrying furniture pre-evacuation of Reims. Shortly after this, residents were evacuated and the Second Battle of Asine took place, resulting in a French defeat. Taken 4 May 1917.

#10. French Machine gunner mid-battle

Taken in the ruins during the Battle of Aisne on the Western Front during 1917.

#11. Lunch break during battle

French soldiers from the 370th Infrantry Regiment eating lunch during the first Battle of Aisne. Taken in 1917.

#12. Abbey ruins after heavy artillery fire

Taken in the ruins of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes abbey after heavy artillery fire.

#13. View of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral can be seen in the background. Taken 3 April 1917.

#14. 370mm Railway Gun

A massive 370mm gun, transported by railway, covered in camouflage. Taken 5 September 1917.

#15. Residents preparing to evacuate

Taken at Rue de Talleyrand, Reims, France, 3 March 1917

#16. Railway Line

The area surrounding a railway line near Boezinge, not far from Ypres. Taken 10 September 1917.

#17. Ambulances attend after heavy artillery fire

Taken near Boezinge, near Ypres, 1917

#18. French Military Cemetery

French Military Cemetery on the hillside of Moosch, Alsace. This cemetery was reserved for members of the Mountain Infantry, an elite unite of the French Army.

#19. Rosendail, near Dunkirk

The result of more heavy artillery fire. Taken 11 September 1917.

#20. Swiss Border Guards

Taken from France, and showing Swiss Border Guards behind the fence. Haut-Rhin, 19 June 1917.

#21. French Senegalese Colonial Soldiers

Senegalese soldiers serving in the French Army eating their lunch in Saint-Ulrich, Alsace. Taken 16 June 1917.

#22. French Border Guards

French Border Guards watching the Swiss in Pfetterhouse, Alsace. Taken 19 June 1917.

#23. French soldiers doing laundry

French soldiers doing their laundry using a local fountain. Taken in Gildwiller, Haut-Rhin, Alsace on 21 June 1917.

#24. Girl holding doll next to rifles

A young girl playing with her doll whilst sitting next to a military knapsack and riffles. Taken in Reims, Northern France, 1917.

#25. Doctor and Nurses at a Bourbourg hospital

Doctor and Nurses at a Bourbourg hospital. Taken 1 September 1917.

#26. South-East Asian worker

A worker from Indochina doing military service for the French Army. Taken in Aisne 1917.

#27. Checking defences

A French Officer checking the defences around key positions. Taken in Soissons, 1917.

#28. Senegalese Colonial Infantrymen

Senegalese infantrymen resting in Saint-Ulrich. Taken 16 June 1917.

#29. Border Guards

Another border crossing, this time in Beurnevesin, shows Swiss (left) and French (right) guards watching one another.

#30. French Colonial soldiers in Soissons

Two colonial soldiers (unknown country) cooking food in Soissons, Aisne. Taken 1917.

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