16 Cleverly Combined Photos With Awesome Results

Stephen McMennamy has spent the last few years combining photos of different subjects to create interesting results. Examples includes American football helmets and light-bulbs, or beards with broom bristles.

Some have required little-to-no planning, with other combinations taking over a year to plan. Here are 16 of our favourites.

#1. Cauliflower + Poodle

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

Everything about [this combination] reminds me of why I enjoy making these. The spontaneity in which it happened, the rapidly changing lighting conditions, the running around the hilly streets of Pacific Heights looking for cauliflower, the dead camera battery and lastly the post hill-climb asthma attack. There’s nothing like creating a photo that gets your blood pumping.

Pacific Heights, San Francisco

#2. goldfish + mouth

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

My daughter and I shot this over the weekend and unfortunately only one of the props survived the rigours of a food based photo shoot – RIP, cheese cracker.

The goldfish was taken into the family home and named Steve, but disaster struck after the family cat, Samuel L. Catson, ate Steve after only two days.

[W]hen I originally shot this I was relying solely on my cellular mobile telephone camera, so I felt like it not only needed a re-shoot, but the overall execution needed a refresh as well.

#3. hammock + banana

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

From its inception as a crude “banana hammock” sketch to becoming a real live #combophoto, this one only took me about a year to finalize.

The banana portion of this whole thing was relatively easy. the biggest thorn in my side was finding a suitable background (with proper tree spacing and what not). Once got that nailed down it ended up becoming a race between the 10 second timer on my camera and getting my butt up a hill (and in the hammock)… oh and looking relaxed. I only fell out of the twice.

#4. paintbrush + spaghetti

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“This definitely wasn’t my favourite [photo combination] of 2016, but it was definitely the most interesting as far as social experiments go,” said Stephen McMennamy.

“I did this on an absolute whim. I literally threw it together before work one morning. I do love how utterly random these things can come together sometimes.”

#5. tree trunk + elephant trunk

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“I’ve been wanting to do something with an elephant for a while now, but two things happened with that, I never felt like I had a super solid idea and I don’t have access to elephants.

“Cut to me in the Bahamas over Thanksgiving and I couldn’t help but notice how a lot of the palm trees grew low out the ground and every one of them looked like an elephant head… to me anyway. So that’s what rattled around in my head and it quickly led to me obsessing over how to find a way to combine the two.”

#6. bridge + guitar

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“Getting this shot of the Brooklyn bridge [was] one of the more memorable experiences I’ve ever had. We surprised the kids with an aerial excursion over Manhattan and I can honestly say I’ve never seen my straight-faced daughter smile as much as she did that day.”

#7. pineapple + grenade

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“In the spirit of repeating myself, I’m digging this one out of the archives from two years ago.”

#8. popsicle + piece of wood

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“I shot this [photo] what seems like ages ages ago, but I ended up posting a version that had my youngest daughter taking a big bite out of the popsicle.”

#9. toy car + real car

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“[My daughter] Isla, who’s six now, but was four at the time, worked with me on this one. She’s a performer and she did a damn good job capturing the essence of a disgruntled motorist.”

#10. hammer + human

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

Part of the combination taken at The Home Depot.

#11. hose + waterfall

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“I ventured out to Grotto Falls in the Great Smokey Mountains (Tennessee) for [the bottom half of this photo]. I then ventured out to the bushes in my front yard for the hose shot.

“[The] modelling comes courtesy of my brother-in-law and youngest daughter.”

#12. light-bulb + football helmet

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“[American] football is officially back!”

#14. headphones + donuts

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“I have been on a [doughnut] bender as of late, so in keeping with said bender, I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment and reminisce with this [combination photo] of yore.”

#15. train tracks + zipper

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“For as long as I’ve been aware of rail tracks and zippers, I’ve always thought the two belonged together.”

#16. crab + excavator

Credit: Stephen McMennamy

“[This is] one of my favourite [combination photos] from way back when.”

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