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Homeless man given makeover after 25 years with an incredible result

A homeless Spanish man has been given a free makeover after 25 years

A homeless man from Majorca has been given a life-changing makeover by a local salon. Former electrician Jose Antonio was offered the makeover by the owner of La Salvajeria, a salon, after she repeatedly noticed him on her way to work.

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Jose is emotional and discusses his life in the first part of the video, including showing his current job as a parking attendant. He lost his home and job due to clinical depression.

La Salvajeria

Antonia, 55, has been working as a parking attendant whilst homeless for over six years and was left in tears after his transformation.

La Salvajeria

“Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself like this for the first time,” said Jose before the transformation started.

La Salvajeria

The video, made by producer Dr Filmgood, was created for the salon’s third birthday and has gained large-scale public attention, with over 400,000 views on social media within just two days.

La Salvajeria

Over eight people were involved in the transformation, which included makeup and hair and beard dye.

La Salvajeria

“This is incredible, is this me?

“I’m so different – I don’t think people will recognise me unless I tell them who I am,” Jose said tearfully after the mirror doors were opened and he was shown his new look.

La Salvajeria

Jose ventures outside to see what the public thought of his new look. He was greeted with a thumbs up from those in the shops around the salon.

La Salvajeria

His current employer, Paola Bocardo, said she didn’t recognise Jose after the transformation.

La Salvajeria

Watch the video

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