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Swedish Police report blames “non-traditional gender roles” and “European alcohol culture” for sexual assaults

Frankie Fouganthin
  • Official report claims migrants and refugees ignore “consequences for the girls.”
  • Masculinity is also blamed with “typical” male traits described as being “aggressiveness, strength and control.”

An official report by Swedish police into the cause of sexual assaults and rape committed by migrants has blamed European “alcohol culture” and “non-traditional gender roles” of European women.

The report (written in Swedish) titled The Current Situation of Sexual Molestation and Proposals for Action was commissioned by the National Police Commissioner. It states that Sweden has the worst rates of sexual and physical assaults committed against women out of any European Union country, claiming refugees and migrants find it difficult to “handle alcohol” or just feel “horny” and lack the understanding of “the consequences for the girls”. The attacks that occurred from the We Are Stockholm youth festival in 2014 and 2015 triggered the report to be commissioned.

Frankie Fouganthin
Frankie Fouganthin

Three stages were carried out for the report; analysis of reported crimes in different environments, interviews with victims, and using an existing community model of “different experiences within the police” to prevent crime.  The report examined over ten thousand reported sexual and violent crimes from 2011 to 2016 and, of these, nearly two thousand were reported during 2015 and 2016.

The overwhelming majority of victims are young females under the age of 15 with a small percentage being boys of a similar age range. Crimes reported that occurred in public places, such as festivals, only make up around one percentage point of the total. The vast majority of offenders acted alone and pull tops up, altered clothing, or groped young girls, which the report claims “are perceived as unpleasant.”

For crimes that occurred on the “streets, walkways and public transport,” the typical offender is described as a middle-aged who acted alone through indecent exposure, “offensive suggestions, or superficial touch.” However, assaults committed by groups have been reported to have taken place in parks, bus stops and on all forms of public transport. In public leisure facilities, such as communal swimming pools, the attacks have mostly been carried out by groups of young boys and men “against many girls.”

Frankie Fouganthin
Frankie Fouganthin

A video taken during January of 2015 shows a woman in Sweden humiliated within 40 seconds. The unnamed woman is walking home when her bottom is groped by a group of immigrant males. The men “offer” sex and she declines and asks them to leave. The men offer the woman money for sex, even though she has clearly stated that she’s not interested.


The rise of the Internet, social media, and apps such as Tinder and Kik has given increased opportunity for perpetrators to “harass” victims. “Several girls said they … receive daily inquiries via social media [for] naked pictures of themselves,” the report states on page 19.

Girls are avoiding crowded places as well as deserted places, especially when it’s dark. Many report being called “whores,” and some girls claimed they “avoid guys in general” if they go out alone and move far away if there are males in groups. Some use mobile phones to pretend they are making calls or texting, or at the very least have phones ready if “something would happen.”

The worrying part is on page 20 where it states that girls choosing to wear “provocative clothing could mean a greater risk of being molested,” and that coping strategies have been developed for protection, including “not expose themselves too much [sic],” and not uploading photographs on social media websites.

Frankie Fouganthin
Frankie Fouganthin

However, the report places more emphasis on the issue of “masculinity and violence” rather than cultural differences. “The controls are exercised over women by violence thus shaping her according to the man’s idealized vision of femininity,” claims the National Centre for the Protection of Women at Uppsala University. Typical male traits are described as being “aggressiveness, strength and control.”

Sweden saw 163,000 asylum applications during 2015, making it one of Europe’s nations with the highest proportion of asylum seekers per capita. During a peak in October, an average of 10,000 requests were being made per week, compared to an average of 500 since the the start of 2016 and tougher border controls.

The report can be read in English here.


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