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The surreal artwork of Sait Mingü

Sait Mingü

Turkish artist Sait Mingü’s latest exhibition recently opened at the mekân68 art gallery in Vienna, Austria. His combination of vibrancy and surrealism has caught the eye of a number of people over the years, enough so that he was able to leave his job as art director at advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi after six years of working for the famous agency.

Image: Sait Mingü

Mingü was born in 1977 in Istanbul, Turkey and graduated from the Mimar Sinan Universtiy of Fine Arts. Titled “Unpredictable Snapshots,” his latest exhibition opened on the 16th March.

Image: Sait Mingü

“Each picture has its own language. If I could convey this language in words, I would not paint but write,” Mingü stated upon opening the exhibition.

Image: Sait Mingü

Fascinated by the sea and the world beyond the first impression, Mingü shows a world of creatures, shapes and colours. The artwork shows a flying dog with balloons, a woman with legs standing in the air, women jumping up and men. Clear elements of water, air, earth and equilibrium are displayed.

Image: Sait Mingü

It’s not hard to see the inspiration for his art; a love of comic books and the digital world. This is reflected in his technique, where he combines painting and digital manipulation.

Image: Sait Mingü

Mingü’s use of strong contours and the intensity of emotions, which is aroused by colour, adds to the emotional impact. He describe his work as “blurs with the transparent, rhythmic lines of calmness and simplicity, meet[ing] with emptiness, loneliness, and existential anxiety.”

Image: Sait Mingü

The combination of his processes creates fleeting, beautiful and surreal snapshots that are freed from ordinary and routine life. The emphasis on fantasy and a love of nature are obvious.

Image: Sait Mingü


Image: Sait Mingü

The exhibition can be found at Neustiftgasse 68/1, 1070 Vienna, Austria. More information is available here.

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