Saudi man shoots doctor after delivery of wife’s baby because the “doctor is male”

King Fahd Medical City

A man in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, has been arrested after he shot a male obstetrician, claimed the male doctor had no right to assist his wife during labour, insisting that a female gynaecologist should have helped the man’s wife instead.

The incident occurred at the beginning of April at the King Fahd Medical City. Dr. Muhammad Al Zabn had recently completed the successful delivery of the baby when the father entered the hospital wishing to speak with the doctor.

Dr. Muhammad Al Zabn in recovery. Photo: Okaz
Dr. Muhammad Al Zabn in recovery.
Photo: Okaz

According to the Saudi press, the father claimed he wished to thank the doctor and asked to meet in the hospital’s garden. The two men entered into a conversation and shortly after, the shooter took a gun out from under his clothing and fired at the doctor.

The alleged perpetrator fled the scene whilst medics rushed Dr. Zabn to the hospital’s A&E department, followed by Intensive Care. The police later arrested the unnamed father.

Bassam Al Buraikan, a spokesman for the hospital, confirmed the details of the incident, saying “a doctor was shot,” and added that police have launched an investigation after collecting evidence and talking with witnesses. The case is being treated as an attempted murder.

The news was shared on Saudi Arabian social media websites, where most people supported the doctor, however, a vocal minority support the father, arguing that female gynaecologists “should always been given priority in the delivery of babies in order to avoid cultural clashes.”

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