Nigeria’s Missing Girls: One kidnapped girl found

  • 218 girls still missing after abduction from school in north-east Nigeria
  • Girls were taken by Islamic terror-group Boko Haram
  • 278 taken in total, nearly all Christian

One the the missing Chibok schoolgirls has been found in Nigeria, the first to be rescued since the group’s capture two years ago. 218 girls remain missing after their abduction from a secondary school in north-east Nigeria during April of 2014 by the Islamic State-linked Boko Haram terror group.

Amina, the girl who has been found, was reportedly recognised by member of the Civilian Joint Task Force, a vigilante group set up to help counter Boko Haram’s activities in the country. The leader of the group, Aboku Gaji, told the BBC: “I instantly recognised her [Amina], and insisted we should take her to her parents.

“On seeing her, the mother and other relatives rushed to hug her and started shedding tears. Afterwards, we had to make them understand that the girl would not be left in their care. She must be handed over to the authority.”

The chairman of the Chibok community, Hosea Abana Tsambido, told the BBC that Amina had been found after venturing into the forest in search of firewood. “She was saying… all the Chibok girls are still there in the Sambisa except six of them that have already died.”

Amina was 17 when she was taken along with 25 girls from the same town. It is expected that the girl will be moved to the capital of Nigerai’s Borno state, also in the north-east of the country. The Nigerian media has recently claimed that the army had launched operations against the terror group in the Sambisa Forest.

Michelle Obama/Twitter
Michelle Obama/Twitter

The girls, who are mostly Christian, were taken when gunmen arrived in Chibok late at night and raided the school dormitories, taking 276 girls with them. A few managed to escape within hours of their kidnapping, mostly by throwing themselves off lorries or running away into the bushes. A video was broadcast by CNN in April of this year showing what appeared to be 15 girls in black robes. They claimed they were being treated well, but missed their families. Some of the girls have since been identified by their parents.

A popular campaign called #BringBackOurGirls was started and featured celebrities around the world holding signs with the hashtag.


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